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 Cambodia: main archéological places

Angkor complex

Phnom Chisor

Ta Keo. Fou Nan

Angkor Borei

Tonlé Bati.Ta Phrom


Kompong Thom
Sambor Prei Kuk

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Siem Reap

Phnom Penh

Khompong Som


Tonlé Sap lake

Kompong Chnnang


Kompong Cham

Bird sanctuary
Prek Toal

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Angkor Borei cambodia
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Angkor Vat


Ta Phrom


Preah Khan

Banteay Srei

Leper King & Elephants terraces

Kobal Spien

Ta Som

Prasat Kravan

Neak Pean & Restauration

Roluos Group

Angkor Borei cambodia
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Bird sanctuary
Prek Toal


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angkor borei tour. ANGKOR Borei JOURNEY & TOURS. Angkor borei Travel in Cambodia




 Angkor Borei was the capital of the "Kingdom of Chenla of waters" at the 8th century
From Ta Keo to Angkor Borei, a route by boat of about 30 minutes, which allows to discover all the plain, the ricefields and the life very lively on the river. Angkor Borei is situated at 12 km of Vietnam by boat

  Angkor Borei, obliged way to surrender to Phnom Da and the 7th century temples. By boat you will discover...


Crop of Lotus's flowers and leaves in the "White Lotus" pond


 Any small sinners and farmers villages on the bank of the river who leads to Angkor Borei


Animals bath

and childs bath

 The ricefields which extend has loss of sight, is the river has the same height as, separate by a dike, in certain seasons it is only a huge area of water

 Plunged has even the river the sinners drag their nets near Angkor Borei




 Angkor Borei, village an end of the world...

and the ferry to join the other bank


 Angkor Borei's museum which contains very beautiful valuables from Phnom Da


 Patching of nets

 many persons living on the river
Main archeoligical places in Cambodia

Phnom Chisor

Angkor Borei


 Ta Keo

 Kompong Thom

 Tonle Bati


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