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we restect all time, all condition writing in the description of your journey


 TRAVEL in CAMBODIA . The prices and conditions for each tour or stay, are those indicated on the descriptions detail that we will send to you on your request, price in Euros and in US dollars You can regulate in one of these 2 currencies. For the journey in group with international plane included/understood, part of the sum is to be regulated in Paris in Euros, the other is to be regulated in Kampuchea (Cambodia), according to the town of arrival, in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap, in Euros or US dollars after your transfer of the airport and installation to the hotel.
TOUR "A LA CARTE". If you wish a travel " tailor made" a detailed description, day per day will be mail to you. The conditions and prices are those indicated on the description which is send to you. Your confirmation, indicates that you accept all the clauses indicated on the final description.
CONFIRMATION. For any voyage, we address a description detailed with price to you. Any voyage into individual or group, is regarded as confirmed, from the moment or you will have addressed your confirmation written by Mail or fax to us by indicating "confirmation according to the received description." You will have to return us a confirmation of your arrival, with the number of anybody, the names, number of flight and the name of the airline company in the 15 days previous your arrival.
OUR ENGAGEMENT: The fact of addressing a detailed description to you, with a program day per day, the prices and conditions and what is included or not included, constitutes for us an engagement to respect this description point by point, except conditions independent of our wish and cases of absolute necessity.
Cases of absolute necessity
Conditions independent of our wish and cases of absolute necessity can intervene, accident, delay of plane, atmospheric conditions, collapse, flood, breakdowns of bus or car or boat, political problems, or surbooking makes by the transport companies and our responsibility is not committed in these cases like for wounds, accidents, damage caused by any external element. Any additional expenditure coming from a delay, an accident, natural disaster, political problem, will have to be dealt with by the client. All the problems which can rise from these circumstances or events, and the overcost which can result from this, do not give place has any refunding.
HOTELS: The hotels indicated in each description, are according to the category which you will have chosen, with rooms with 2 beds, or room only according to your request. Generally, the breakfasts are always included. In the event of change of hotel compared to the announced hotel, the hotel proposed in replacement will be exactly same standard. If you wish a hotel of higher class, please indicate it to us, it will be invoiced to you in supplement according to the hotels which we will be able to propose to you.
ADVANCES/PAYMENT: We do not ask in advance on the payment, several months in advance at the time of the confirmation of the journey. We consider that we must work under conditions of mutual confidence and that from the moment or you confirmed, you will come except major prevention.
However, for the journey comprising several flights we ask you to regulate us 30 days before the departure the total amount of the plane tickets (only plane tickets), because considering the difficulties to obtain these reservations on certain lines, we are obliged to pay entirely the ticket a long time in advance to be on obtaining them, it arrives that if these tickets are not paid a month in advance, the airline company cancels the ticket to give it to other people who pay cash....
In the case or these tickets were not regulated before your arrival, we do not guarantee the exact days and the flights envisaged and the course of the journey. The amount of the tickets, in dollars, must be addressed to us by credit transfer, and a photocopy of the transfer must be addressed to us by fax
JOURNEY WITH INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT INCLUDED/UNDERSTOOD: The international flight, must be regulated entirely in Paris one month before the departure, at the agency "Le Monde de l'Inde et de l'Asie" 15 rue des Ecoles.(The World of India and Asia-15 School's street) 75005 Paris. Such 01 53 10 31 00. (to ask Brigitte or Segiyane). An installment of 30 % on the plane ticket is to be regulated in "the World of India and Asia" after having received our confirmation from Kampuchea.
PRICES: The prices indicated on our web site, are those for the current year but can be prone to change following the rates of exchange of the currencies, air increases, etc;
The amount to regulate us, which is only that will be indicated on the personal description of your voyage, that we will have addressed to you. On Each description will be indicated clearly, which is included/understood and is not included/understood. Generally, except contrary agreement, the evening and lunches, the drinks, the airport taxes, the visits not indicated, the personal expenditure, are not included/understood.
PAYMENT OF THE BALANCE: After your arrival in Kampuchea and your transfer and installation to the hotel, the total payment of the which had sums, indicated on your description, will have to be made in cash or in Traveller-cheques in the currency indicated. It will be given to you a receipt after payment. The amount indicated on the description, will have to be regulated in Euros or US dollars (in cash or travellers cheques). We do not accept the payment by credit card, due to many problems in Kampuchea with the credit cards.
STOP or CANCELLATION IN THE TRAVEL all started travels and stopped by the fact of the customers, the atmospheric conditions, political conditions, or of the particular conditions, or cancelled flight, canot give place to refunding.
Any time taken for the journey accordingly of these conditions, or the route envisaged cannot be respected, can give place to no refunding because we cannot be held responsible for the conditions climatic, political, and of the state of the roads or your physical or mental state and of the problems of departure of the planes.

Liability.-Angkor Journey & Tours- is not responsible for, injury or damage, any loss, caused directly or indirectly in the country. Additional expense incurred due to delay, accident, natural disaster, political action and problems, must be done by the client..

INSURANCES . You must absolutely have an insurance, covering, diseases, accidents, medical repatriation, etc. You must provide before the departure, with the person in charge for our office, a photocopy of your insurance, number of contract and telephone number of your insurance, so that we can intervene in the case or you could not even do it you.
CONFIRMATION/ACCEPTANCE. Following our sending of detailed description, the confirmation of voyage that you will have addressed to us, implies your agreement has these conditions and our respect of these conditions.

 Note: The prices indicated on our web site , are basic prices which can vary in the course of the year, according to the exchange rate, the airline companies, the hotels, etc for any request we will make you a precise estimate with price at the day of the estimate.

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